Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Week 6

Good morning Nielsen team. It is Monday the 26th in October. Its almost Halloween! a time of candy and costumes and missionaries staying inside their homes ALL DAY LONG. As per mission rules we cannot leave. Its a safety thing mostly. Especially on new years eve and day. But enough about that. How is you all doin? The other day I went on exchanges with one of the zone leaders. And we biked.... for the first time in about two years I did some major biking through the hills and winding turns of Colorado springs. It was not fun at all with my current... stamina in the higher climates. The result of it left my poor bottom hurting from the crazy man seat. However I did make sure to capture the moment via Elder Hughes my exchanges comp. I also for the first time went....TRACTING! it was so... unsuccessful that I understand why most missionaries hate it above all else. Elder Peterson and I have decided that its our last resort after all our planning has taken place.

I have written letters to all of you and they should be arriving soon. I'll try to send a written letter at least once a month. Oh and for Ellie here is some of the trees we see. Most have already lost their leaves so its quite empty looking with them. Sad really. I bet its really nice over there still. Right?
Also mom. Those books you showed me are perfect. Send only those and the dice. The boys here will be very happy with those. I'll make sure they write you a thank you note <3

Elder Nielsen

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