Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Week 16

A Week of Promises.

This week has been rather fun for me and my companion Elder M Peterson. We went on exchanges with the Zone Lords (Aka the zone leaders) and both learned of ways of being more patient with each other and others we are working with. This week we have finished the lessons with two of our investigators and have them both ready for interviews for baptism. What glorious blessings it is to see people's lives changed and enriched by the gospel. I'm excited for both parties as I feel how they felt when I had to gain for myself the same testimony. Its really given me a big boost in my moral. Transfers are coming up literally the week after my birthday. With me being out of training, I've had people tell me that I'll be leaving this area I'm in. I'm not to confident about that but if it does you all will know in about two to three weeks. Speaking of my birthday I'll be 19. How wonderful that I am still here! I consider almost being a 5th of my life span a great blessing. I've made it this far. So I plan to continue and finish at 5/5ths of my life span. Or even 6/5ths if I could go that far. I'd be really old then. With the new year upon us I've decided to set goals and leap into the new year with a plan to become a better missionary and man overall (If I'm considered a man now :D) Some of those include deepening my understanding of the scriptures and helping other people to understand them. Or getting up more on time at 6:30 so I don't miss out on the blessings of early mornings as a missionary. Or maybe even getting closer to all my companions whoever they may be and not arguing with them.

Whatever happens my hope is to improve. Part of the process of enduring to the end is always making little checks and balances to see how we are doing now and how we can improve. In the talk from this last conference "What lack I yet?" I have found and come to realize that as a person myself I will never stop finding things to work on. If I did I better be past the judgement. Anyway it is my prayer that this year we can all enjoy the blessings of a continued season. A time of happiness and love. With Easter coming up the savior will even more so like Christmas have his name heightened by the world. I hope we can all focus on him and feel his love always. I love you all and wish for blessings upon you all.

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