Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Week 14

Well my family. It is the week of Christmas. I am fairly certain that this is where I need to be on this joyful holiday. As I've mentioned we have three investigators and all of them made it to church :D that's so big! I'm feeling the spirit of God as we work. And I do feel thankful. So far I've gotten packages from Grandma and James. From what I've found inside I say thank you. I am indeed happy and grateful for these things. I've already put my money to good use buying things I need here. Like a GPS so we don't have to use a map in the darkness of night. Not like it isn't fun...
My prayers go out to everyone as I continue to do my work. We constantly strive to share the new christmas videos that the church put out this year. If any of you have not seen them. I strive for you all to. They all can be found on Christmas.Mormon.Org. Each is quite amazing and has given me quite the thoughts as too how I can improve myself, because as it stands I am never perfect.
I hope all of you can enjoy the blessings of Christmas like I have and I cannot wait to see you all again 

From your Elder
Elder Nielsen

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