Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week 47

By the time you all get this email itll be....about 3 days till my year mark XD 
its has been a ride for a lot of people id think. I still remember day one saying goodbye to mum right outside the mtc. That was 362 days ago.
A missionary life is not what you'd call a piece of cake. Ever since day one I've been given a new challenge in all different ways. From stressful companions to new health challenges I think I can safely say my mission has plenty of flavor. I don't think any missionary can say their mission was...normal. What is normal missions anyway? 

Anyway...this week in itself was crazy. I had a new record broken of time with one comp...now its 3 days. My last comp Elder Clancy had to go home because his dad was not doing good. I can understand how he feels. Losing a loved one that close...I might have to go home too...I couldn't handle that...Anyway send him your prayers. He needs it. 
We also got turned into a biking area finally. And lemme tell you...I don't know why I went so long without one...the workout is amazing. I am getting tired less and less. Oh and its fun. I am content with it XD 

I also started making salads with different yummy stuff. My most recent is a bacon, egg salad with ranch and cracked pepper. Yum. I eat it twice a week. 
Our ward is also amazing. Its on top of everything and the members are so nice. I missed a ward like this. My first ward...exactly like this. Yay! 
On the 22nd is our temple trip...I'm so...freaking...EXCITED! 
Nobody knows or can know how much I missed it because I worked in it and had such a passion for it. I cannot wait to go back. It'll be a day I am excited for.

Looks like while I'm gone the rest of the Nielsen family decided to leave our home and move to the beach. WOW. Jk I'm super excited for that. Going to the beach everyday sounds like fun XD I just hope there is room for me. 

Its been a ride. Its only halfway over and I doubt I'm done with the bumps in the road. I've enjoyed every moment of it and hope it is just as good or better as it has been. i love and miss you all....NOW CELEBRATE! IM COMING HOME NEXT YEAR!

Peace and Love Peace and Love

Elder Nielsen

Week 46

So I'm getting transferred tomorrow. Whoa. Funny enough I'm moving right next to my first area. So my address for mail will not change. How weird is that?

God can throw us curve balls sometimes and we have to be ready in order to hit them. Sometimes we have to conform to those crazy throws and just be ready for them when they come. 
As I've approached my year mark I've seen tons of cool blessings come my way. In about 10 days I'll have been out for a year. How crazy is that? In the year I've seen nothing but emails from family telling me about how life goes on. Its hard to be without the ones I love for so long but in addition to that I've met so many people that i would consider close like family. yesterday I said goodbye to some members I was told I touched deeply. I helped re-baptize their daughter and in the process get her husband baptized. In a few months they will be going to the temple to be sealed. How crazy is that?

The church is true. I know it. I've seen it. I've lived it. I love and miss you all very much. 

Peace and Love Peace and Love 

Elder Harry Nielsen

Week 45

Like every week I always have fun stuff to tell! This week was a mixture of service. I can't tell you all how much I love service. I'd actually be more happy if they sent me to the middle of nowhere and we had to do service everyday. Like that would be super cool! I enjoy serving others and when it gives us results like seeing less actives at church or getting new people to teach I feel like even more got done...sometimes I even try to give a thought or message in the time we serve. I try to be sneaky and suttle like a super secret conversion spy XD 

We were working with this member. He is fully active. Sadly his wife passed away a few years ago (I don't know how long) and our job as our Bishop asked was to go keep him company. So we've not only taught a few lessons with him, but we've also done lots of service. He eats it up and loves our company. Every time we visit he asks us if we need food or something to drink or anything. I honestly enjoy helping people like him. I only hope that if I live that long that people do that for me....because I want my future spouse to die first so she isn't left alone while I'm in heaven. I don't want that XD 

I've also been reading in the Infinite Atonement this week. I kinda read two thirds of it then put it down for like 8 months and now I've come back to finish it along with re-reading the book of mormon (I'm half way through second nephi again) and the stuff I'm reading is just....Wow. Tadd R. Calister knows how to keep it real. Its in reading this book that I've expanded my knowledge on the Atonement and what it has done for me. For everyone who uses it. It has done so much for us. It also gave a good point...The Atonement is not only the only way...but Justice can never ever do what the Atonement did. Justice is a law that requires you to pay him now! take a person in prison. Once he gets out will he have changed? some do...most do not I feel and go right back to doing what they did. Justice cannot change us...but Grace and the Atonement can. I've also been heavily thinking about Grace and how it Changes us through repentance. When we want to repent and get back to God we are actively changing ourselves to be with him again. Its a want to put ourselves higher than the natural man and rise to a higher plane and try to be like him. I think in the eternal scheme of things...if we try our hardest to change and become a better disciple we can and will inherit his greatest gift for us which is Godhood. 

This week was amazing. I think I'm gonna leave....if I don't that would be weird and crazy but fine with me. There is certain members I would be sad to leave and we are hoping I stay. I love and miss you all and hope your week is going amazing 

Peace and Love, Peace and Love

Elder James H. Nielsen

Week 44 (?)

So some of you all know that we are losing our car this week. I don't mind it that much...I mean its not super hard to bike around all of creation. I'm kind of excited for it. We do have a lot of hills but I doubt it'll affect us too badly. I could use the cardio to get me fit and strong. Lol. 

One of our investigators just got cleared to get his date. He was exed and finally got a final for when he can get baptized. It'll be on the15th of Jan (A little far away) which will be super cool. I'm really excited for him. Next to him we've also been teaching this one guy. His name is Paul. He doesn't want to really get baptized because he's mad at God or something. I hope his heart will one day...not be mad at God XD I feel like there may be more reasons but for right now I'm content with bringing his spirits up so he enjoys our presence. That's always good!
My comp and I had a little soul to soul last Sunday so things are working better than they were. I think that we both have to work to make a companionship work. I know personally for me I have tons of work to do before I'm perfect...I doubt I'm that kind of perfect yet but Its being worked on!

Oh and here is a special thing...for about six months you all know that I didn't have a camera. I got one last month and began doing what they do best...TAKE PICTURES! Its finally at a point where I think I can share some. They will be attached in another email that will be sent a little after this one with some good pictures. They will be super good high quality!

In two weeks is transfers on the 30th. I've been in this area for six months. I am thinking I may leave soon. If I don't it'll be like...I'll be one of those missionaries that stays for a long time in one area. I know my great grand trainer stayed in my first area for 16 months...that's a long time to be with just one ward. I think he got a lot of work done too so that's good...

Three more things. I've been working on a little surprise for you all for right around when my year mark hits...a little while after it. I think you all will like it. It's something I've been thinking about for a long time...since about 4 months and now that things are coming together where I can do it fully you will be...DAZZLED! I hope you like it.

Two more things. I've been working on my book again. It seems like a life long pursuit but I think the mission has given me lots of time that at night I can reflect and get good idea's for it. I think you all will like it a lot. I know Ellie is excited. She is gonna do some art for me :D she rocks lots! I think God gave her the art fever and I kinda just...gave up XD that's okay though I'm a better writer than I am an artist. 

Speaking of writers that goes into my last thing. I've been re-reading the book of Mormon and giving it more focus than I did last time. I spent yesterday focusing on the first few chapters of 2nd Nephi. Specifically 1,2, and 3. Two gives a good amount of insight to our first parents, agency, and the need for trials and opposition. Its amazing! It explains in one little two to three page chapter about these important things...very eternal things too. We used it in an active member lesson with one of our members who lost his wife. He even though was active had some questions that he wanted to make sure was right. We made sure to help with that. It kinda self testified to me of the importance of all those things. I dunno...I could go on but I don't have the time XD 

Its the mid month. My Year mark is coming up soon! Our temple trip will be on September 22nd the same day that I entered the mission. I'm excited...I missed the temple so much. I need it tons. I can wait! I'll count down for it once it seems appropriate. 

Anyway...I apologize to everyone for not sending one of these in awhile. Things have been crazy for awhile but I know things are gonna get better. I love and miss you all
Peace and Love, Peace and Love

Elder James H Nielsen