Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Week 19

A Puzzling Outcome.

At the beginning of my experience with elder M Peterson he got a puzzle for Christmas of a cinimatic R2-D2 with little scenes of the movie in the pieces. He doesn't like puzzles so I decided to take on the task. I said I would try to finish it before the transfer's end. Well here we are. On Saturday I was fearing that I might leave. Well the good news is in and I'm staying for at the least one more transfer. This is both good and odd. Most missionaries don't stay in their training area for more than 3 transfers. So I'm a delicate flower indeed :D this also means I get to see both of my other investigators get baptized. I'm really excited to see that!
Next week is a special persons birthday. I decided that I'd send her a card and express how grateful that she is here so I could be here because lets be honest. Me not being here would mean peoples lives would be boring. Or something like that. I'm just very happy my mother is here and that she supports me on this mission. I love you mom :D
I'll be sending you all personal emails within the next hour or two. I love you all and hope you have a good day!

Elder Nielsen

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