Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 51

Alright so this week was a big roller coaster for me. My companion on Tuesday night got a call to go he left on Wed night and I got put in a trio in Woodland Park with two elders named Elders Carlson and Sanford. They both are hard workers and are more obedient than most so I feel confident that another comp won't go home this transfer. Sigh...
Woodland Park is amazing. Its about 20 miles outside the springs and is deep in the mountains. A lot of people go up there to hide and be secluded from the other parts of the springs. Can't say I blame them. Its super nice up there. We have a nice duplex apartment. 
I don't expect to stay however. I was told most likely that I'll be moved somewhere else next transfer. Hopefully back to stetson hills where I was. i know the area so I'll be pleading my case for that today with president lol.

Conference was this week. I got the chance to listen to all of them and today I'm beginning to re-listen to all of the talks starting withSaturday. I really enjoyed the talks where they told the members to stop complaining about the work of salvation. All to often as a missionary I feel at least that members can complain that we aren't doing enough when they have to be a huge part in the process as well. These days with all that is happening it is becoming more of the members duty to find friends, family, or strangers for us to teach. It all helps in the huge process and I'm glad that I heard that talk. Made me laugh lol

Approaching 13 months in 6 days. Seems like yesterday that I was at my year mark. But hey I'm excited. Now I can say I'm on a downhill slop. Its all been so amazing and since I see it going this fast I feel an urgency to get as much as I can done now with only 11 months left.

I've been reading a lot in the book of Mormon. This past week I finished Mosiah and got through the first 15 chapters of the book of Alma. Its interesting how the reign of judges did great things for the people. If only that kind of thing was implemented in our government today lol. Probably still wouldn't be perfect but the second coming is coming speedily sooo...

This week shall be amazing. I'm excited. I love the people. I love the area.

Peace and Love, Peace and Love

Elder James Harrison Nielsen

Week 50


So on Thursday of last week was my true real Year Mark in the Field. The 22nd of September was the day I entered the field. It was a day to remember for myself and about 19 others.
I was so excited because it gave me a chance to go finally rejuvinize my life spiritually with the most sacred and important place in the world. Now unless I get some recent converts to the temple the next time I'm going is when I go home. 

The temple is an amazing place. We go there to make and renew sacred covenants when we do. We also go to help others who need the help that cannot be done any other way. It was especially powerful when we got to take pictures on the grounds. I'll be attaching a few in a secondary email later on. 

Among other things I am also excited for general conference coming up this next Saturday and Sunday where all of the members will be gathered around a screen or in person to listen and hear the words of the lords anointed for two days. I know also that the general womans conference is coming up as well.

We got one of our investigators to a date which will be after conference on the 8th right before transfers.

With one year down another one is coming up to go and I must say I am excited for it and cannot wait to have it go!

I love you all and miss you. I hope you know that and I will be working extra hard this year for all of you...FOR HONOR! FOR THE PEOPLE! FOR FOOD!

Well maybe not food but you get the point lol.

Peace and Love Peace and Love 

Elder James Harrison Nielsen

Week 49

This week is really exciting for me.

I have been waiting for this ever since I came out and heard you have to wait a whole year for it and now that it is actually coming this Thursday I am really beyond pumped.
My comp Elder Nacua and I have worked really hard this week since we both are guessing he is going to be the one leaving and we want me to know the place well enough to get around. I doubt I will without the use of a map but we shall see XD 
"I've been out for a year and some" I tell people. It feels good to know that my hard work and perseverance (I'd like to think)
There were a few times I wanted to go home. Not feeling good enough...worrying about my health. BAH! It's all gone now. I'm actually am more healthy than I've ever been. That's amazing! I hope it sticks...

A few days ago I decided to start implementing a new slogan to my life. I go around and I hear all about people with Autism. I will admit sometimes I get down because of those people. It sucks! Then my comp sat me down. He's so nice even though he's a huge football player. He told me that I didn't need to hold a label that other people were making for people like me and that I am a super star. So overnight I got this idea. I'm starting a "No Excuses" campaign. It'll be bigger once I can use social media to promote it but its really all about how people like me that have conquered there disabilities should have no excuses to be amazing and show the world how they went from a Zero to a Hero. That's my idea lol.

I was reading in Mosiah and king Benjamin is a star himself. He's probably one of the only kings that I would be okay with serving. A total G. Can I call prophets a G? I am now.
Another week another miracle! I'll have pics from the temple next week! Love you all.

Elder Nielsen

Week 48

Having jumped over that hump known as the year mark I feel like I'm a bit older missionary wise. 
I've been thinking about the month of September. Its a huge month for the Nielsen family. Not only do we have the year mark of my family distance...but it's also soon a special dads birthday. I won't say who just so spoilers don't get made but...I'm really excited. I've been thinking about dads and the roles they play. I have two dads. My dad and my heavenly dad. Both of them are there cheering for me each day that I continue going as best as I can. I also try to be the very best to not only make their name carry on in honor, but try my best to be just like them. Its something I find joy in. Fathers are very important. I think a good scripture that makes this have truth is the father of Enos. Enos had in his youth

"3 Behold, I went to hunt beasts in the forests; and the words which I had often heard my father speak concerning eternal life, and the joy of the saints, sunk deep into my heart."

I think all fathers in a way try to convey the truth of things least in some way. I know mine does. I know as I've gone out into the world like enos did (Not to hunt beasts but to find men) that the words of my father have more than once sunk into my heart. I think I've had multiple accounts of "Wrestling" with God for the truth like Enos has. In the end my result was the same as his. He wanted that word to be spread to everyone else.

We really never know the impact we have over others. Fathers have a huge one. I want to say as my dads birthday comes up to say thank you. Thank you dad for making me the way I am now. It could not be without you.

That's really my email for this week. I miss you all. Everyday has me seeing new and amazing things. In just 10 days I'll be at the temple. That will be amazing! I am grateful to my family for the package they sent. It really warmed my heart and I will make sure I only eat one candy a day till I'm back to give you all a hug (and some a kiss) :D

Peace and Love Peace and Love

Elder James Harrison Nielsen

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week 47

By the time you all get this email itll be....about 3 days till my year mark XD 
its has been a ride for a lot of people id think. I still remember day one saying goodbye to mum right outside the mtc. That was 362 days ago.
A missionary life is not what you'd call a piece of cake. Ever since day one I've been given a new challenge in all different ways. From stressful companions to new health challenges I think I can safely say my mission has plenty of flavor. I don't think any missionary can say their mission was...normal. What is normal missions anyway? 

Anyway...this week in itself was crazy. I had a new record broken of time with one its 3 days. My last comp Elder Clancy had to go home because his dad was not doing good. I can understand how he feels. Losing a loved one that close...I might have to go home too...I couldn't handle that...Anyway send him your prayers. He needs it. 
We also got turned into a biking area finally. And lemme tell you...I don't know why I went so long without one...the workout is amazing. I am getting tired less and less. Oh and its fun. I am content with it XD 

I also started making salads with different yummy stuff. My most recent is a bacon, egg salad with ranch and cracked pepper. Yum. I eat it twice a week. 
Our ward is also amazing. Its on top of everything and the members are so nice. I missed a ward like this. My first ward...exactly like this. Yay! 
On the 22nd is our temple trip...I'm so...freaking...EXCITED! 
Nobody knows or can know how much I missed it because I worked in it and had such a passion for it. I cannot wait to go back. It'll be a day I am excited for.

Looks like while I'm gone the rest of the Nielsen family decided to leave our home and move to the beach. WOW. Jk I'm super excited for that. Going to the beach everyday sounds like fun XD I just hope there is room for me. 

Its been a ride. Its only halfway over and I doubt I'm done with the bumps in the road. I've enjoyed every moment of it and hope it is just as good or better as it has been. i love and miss you all....NOW CELEBRATE! IM COMING HOME NEXT YEAR!

Peace and Love Peace and Love

Elder Nielsen

Week 46

So I'm getting transferred tomorrow. Whoa. Funny enough I'm moving right next to my first area. So my address for mail will not change. How weird is that?

God can throw us curve balls sometimes and we have to be ready in order to hit them. Sometimes we have to conform to those crazy throws and just be ready for them when they come. 
As I've approached my year mark I've seen tons of cool blessings come my way. In about 10 days I'll have been out for a year. How crazy is that? In the year I've seen nothing but emails from family telling me about how life goes on. Its hard to be without the ones I love for so long but in addition to that I've met so many people that i would consider close like family. yesterday I said goodbye to some members I was told I touched deeply. I helped re-baptize their daughter and in the process get her husband baptized. In a few months they will be going to the temple to be sealed. How crazy is that?

The church is true. I know it. I've seen it. I've lived it. I love and miss you all very much. 

Peace and Love Peace and Love 

Elder Harry Nielsen

Week 45

Like every week I always have fun stuff to tell! This week was a mixture of service. I can't tell you all how much I love service. I'd actually be more happy if they sent me to the middle of nowhere and we had to do service everyday. Like that would be super cool! I enjoy serving others and when it gives us results like seeing less actives at church or getting new people to teach I feel like even more got done...sometimes I even try to give a thought or message in the time we serve. I try to be sneaky and suttle like a super secret conversion spy XD 

We were working with this member. He is fully active. Sadly his wife passed away a few years ago (I don't know how long) and our job as our Bishop asked was to go keep him company. So we've not only taught a few lessons with him, but we've also done lots of service. He eats it up and loves our company. Every time we visit he asks us if we need food or something to drink or anything. I honestly enjoy helping people like him. I only hope that if I live that long that people do that for me....because I want my future spouse to die first so she isn't left alone while I'm in heaven. I don't want that XD 

I've also been reading in the Infinite Atonement this week. I kinda read two thirds of it then put it down for like 8 months and now I've come back to finish it along with re-reading the book of mormon (I'm half way through second nephi again) and the stuff I'm reading is just....Wow. Tadd R. Calister knows how to keep it real. Its in reading this book that I've expanded my knowledge on the Atonement and what it has done for me. For everyone who uses it. It has done so much for us. It also gave a good point...The Atonement is not only the only way...but Justice can never ever do what the Atonement did. Justice is a law that requires you to pay him now! take a person in prison. Once he gets out will he have changed? some do...most do not I feel and go right back to doing what they did. Justice cannot change us...but Grace and the Atonement can. I've also been heavily thinking about Grace and how it Changes us through repentance. When we want to repent and get back to God we are actively changing ourselves to be with him again. Its a want to put ourselves higher than the natural man and rise to a higher plane and try to be like him. I think in the eternal scheme of things...if we try our hardest to change and become a better disciple we can and will inherit his greatest gift for us which is Godhood. 

This week was amazing. I think I'm gonna leave....if I don't that would be weird and crazy but fine with me. There is certain members I would be sad to leave and we are hoping I stay. I love and miss you all and hope your week is going amazing 

Peace and Love, Peace and Love

Elder James H. Nielsen

Week 44 (?)

So some of you all know that we are losing our car this week. I don't mind it that much...I mean its not super hard to bike around all of creation. I'm kind of excited for it. We do have a lot of hills but I doubt it'll affect us too badly. I could use the cardio to get me fit and strong. Lol. 

One of our investigators just got cleared to get his date. He was exed and finally got a final for when he can get baptized. It'll be on the15th of Jan (A little far away) which will be super cool. I'm really excited for him. Next to him we've also been teaching this one guy. His name is Paul. He doesn't want to really get baptized because he's mad at God or something. I hope his heart will one day...not be mad at God XD I feel like there may be more reasons but for right now I'm content with bringing his spirits up so he enjoys our presence. That's always good!
My comp and I had a little soul to soul last Sunday so things are working better than they were. I think that we both have to work to make a companionship work. I know personally for me I have tons of work to do before I'm perfect...I doubt I'm that kind of perfect yet but Its being worked on!

Oh and here is a special thing...for about six months you all know that I didn't have a camera. I got one last month and began doing what they do best...TAKE PICTURES! Its finally at a point where I think I can share some. They will be attached in another email that will be sent a little after this one with some good pictures. They will be super good high quality!

In two weeks is transfers on the 30th. I've been in this area for six months. I am thinking I may leave soon. If I don't it'll be like...I'll be one of those missionaries that stays for a long time in one area. I know my great grand trainer stayed in my first area for 16 months...that's a long time to be with just one ward. I think he got a lot of work done too so that's good...

Three more things. I've been working on a little surprise for you all for right around when my year mark hits...a little while after it. I think you all will like it. It's something I've been thinking about for a long time...since about 4 months and now that things are coming together where I can do it fully you will be...DAZZLED! I hope you like it.

Two more things. I've been working on my book again. It seems like a life long pursuit but I think the mission has given me lots of time that at night I can reflect and get good idea's for it. I think you all will like it a lot. I know Ellie is excited. She is gonna do some art for me :D she rocks lots! I think God gave her the art fever and I kinda just...gave up XD that's okay though I'm a better writer than I am an artist. 

Speaking of writers that goes into my last thing. I've been re-reading the book of Mormon and giving it more focus than I did last time. I spent yesterday focusing on the first few chapters of 2nd Nephi. Specifically 1,2, and 3. Two gives a good amount of insight to our first parents, agency, and the need for trials and opposition. Its amazing! It explains in one little two to three page chapter about these important things...very eternal things too. We used it in an active member lesson with one of our members who lost his wife. He even though was active had some questions that he wanted to make sure was right. We made sure to help with that. It kinda self testified to me of the importance of all those things. I dunno...I could go on but I don't have the time XD 

Its the mid month. My Year mark is coming up soon! Our temple trip will be on September 22nd the same day that I entered the mission. I'm excited...I missed the temple so much. I need it tons. I can wait! I'll count down for it once it seems appropriate. 

Anyway...I apologize to everyone for not sending one of these in awhile. Things have been crazy for awhile but I know things are gonna get better. I love and miss you all
Peace and Love, Peace and Love

Elder James H Nielsen

Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 42

This week has been amazing for me. My new companion Elder Angiuano is super cool and I respect him a lot. He also loves soccer a ton and as I am as some of you know an aspiring soccer goaly now. I'm actually pretty good. I won't lie. I can block shots pretty well! As for being defense or offence...Not so well. Anyway this week has been amazing. Since the ward split we've had an increased effort to focus on things that normally we would be too busy for since we had two wards. Now we are using the area book to its fullest and its seeing quite a lot of success. I'm super happy! 
This week will be the same only I'm hoping that it will be with even more results since we aren't doing transfers or getting new information like last week. I feel like we will see an increase of contacting, and lessons just from doing easy things that before we were too busy for.
Comic con was last week and I must admit I missed that...the sites, the costumes. the smell of clean convention center air in my nose....Ah I really miss it....but I must thank mom for sending the friend along from comic con. I named him George for anyone who is wondering. 
That's really it for now. I hope you all are doing good. I am fantastic, again my new companion is simply amazing and he does a lot for me and helps me.

Peace and love Peace and love 
~Ringo Starr

Elder James H. Nielsen

Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 41

This week has been stressful and super rewarding. We had our Baptism on Saturday with our Golden Investigator and then his confirmation on Sunday. It was super cool and another firm solidifying testimony to the importance of my work. Yay! We have transfers this week and I'm getting a new companion. I'm kind of relieved. This was the longest I've been with one...almost four transfers and admittedly we were getting tired of one another. Not a bad thing was just time for us to part. We will still be in the same district since they are splitting our area's but that is okay!

After this transfer I will be 13 days from my 1 year mark. HOW INSANE IS THAT??? I'll be almost a year old missionary. Has it really been that long though? It doesn't feel that long at all...Wow...

Anyway same address to send me packages if you guys were waiting. I was lol Hope you all are having a good day. I am now too ^^

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week 40

We have an investigator who's preparing for baptism on the 16th he's a very solid guy whom I have tons of respect for. I learned the other day from his mom that he has Autism. It gave me way more respect for him because most Autistic people (And this is my own experience) like to stay in one place. Moving or changing ourselves is not fun or something most do. But he was humble enough to come ot church and want to be baptized...Its really humbling to me and gives me a renewed hope for the world. His bother is also coming to church and he has Bipolor but also wants to come to church too...It makes me feel so happy. Change is something that as humans we sometimes want to push away. It forces us to move away from choices we normally made in order to adapt a new way of life. For example lets look at someone who diets. That's something I have no real experience in because I never really had to, but someone who diets has to change what they eat and makes changes in order to complete the diet. Or for another example lets take someone who has to repent. Sin is an active move away from the close relationship we have with God. Never ever does God move away from us when we sin. We deiced to move away from him and make those choices that distance us from him. Repenting is the move back into that relationship and sometimes it can be hard. When we get comfortable with things we do its hard to change and repent but the feeling we get after its done is amazing. I think I heard it once like having a rock in your shoe. Its very very annoying but we are sometimes too lazy to change that and eventually get comfortable with in the shoe. 

Change isn't easy, it never was meant to be but I know if we do, we can make our lives better and become closer to God. 
Yesterday was the forth and the libraries were closed. We were planning to be in a parade but I got sick in the morning and we decided it was best not to go. 

I hope you all are doing good. Right now I'm in 2nd Samuel and David just committed a silly thing and the current prophet (I think his name is nathan) tells him what the consequence is going to be. Its just another good reminder of what happens when you cheat. Lol

Peace and Love
Elder James Harrison Nielsen

Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 39

So we had to push an investigators date back so he could have some friends come. That's never a bad thing. In fact we want friends to come! Most of them are members but his brother who isn't a member will come and the brother also wants to get baptized too! that's so cool! I'm excited for it. We also had to switch out our car TWICE! once last week and once last Wed...sigh...the one we drive now is a Jeep compass...its like the 2nd best car in the mission so we thought it was a good idea! yay! 

I've been reading in the OT still and now I'm on the stories of David and Saul and Saul wanting to kill David for being a dude. Its cool to read up on all the history I only had bits and pieces of. I'm happier now to know how history works. lol

Love you all! this week we have lots of busy plans wish us luck!

Peace and love,

Elder Nielsen

Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 38

This week was full of some up and downs in terms of things. We got tons of more work done however which is the ultimate up! for us we got a new investigator on Sunday and he's pretty much golden. he is working at the air force base and his wife is in Cali and she became a member and he wants to follow her good example and be with her forever. Cute :D We also are gonna get to go to the TEMPLE!!!! aaaah! A investigator who got baptized is going to do baptisms for the dead at the temple and she invited US. So cool huh? Yay! I hope you all are good and this week I wanted to focus on something I've been reading. 

In the old testaments the children of Israel constantly disobey God and eventually beg Samuel the Prophet (not to be confused with Super Sam) to give them a king which became Saul. I think the point is we all sometimes can be quick to forget our God and go back to Natural man like things. For them it was whorish things and wore shipping idols. You gotta give them a slight break...they were in egypt for awhile and that's all they knew but things are getting pretty messed up. Constantly in Judges we see them committing sin and begging for god to save them when someone takes over...HOPEFULLY we can learn from them right? lol 

Hope you guys have a good week! I love and, miss you all

peace and love,

Elder Nielsen

Week 36

So as I mentioned last Tuesday we had a few big things going on this week. I'll talk about them in a particular order.
First we had the MAN CAMP on Friday. It was amazing. Now don't tell me that God blesses his good children because this was a pure blessing. It couldn't have worked better. We had no dinners on the days we were gone so we didn't have to make the awkward call...Lucky us! And we spent time talking with a fewnon-members and less actives. The highlight was having our Exed Investigator there. He sent mum the pictures from the camp he took of us. He's a really cool guy and is super nice. He brought his 9 year old son and we all had a blast. The big event was a fireside about which men in our life made us the way we are. This was the only reason why pres said we could come lol and so naturally we got to go first. I knew right away that Dad! (Papa, Erik, That one who I got sealed to that rocks) was the one who made me the man I am today. I talked about how he walked into our lives a brave man. He had to deal with three little children from 10-8-6 and had to learn how to help raise them. I'm on a mission and IO'm doing a good job so I think he did a good job eh?
After the campout we had the next big event. Transfer Calls

Neither me or Elder Baker is leaving again XD he even got promoted to District leader. The only one in our district to leave was Elder Carlson. It was kinda funny. A little mission inside joke that I'll explain when I get home :3 SO this means my address will not be changing for another six weeks! yay! SO SEND ME ALL THE LETTERS! lol

We also have been meeting with this new investigator. I think I mentioned him briefly last week. His mum was a less active for over 20 years and she wanted him to get baptized. We've taught him twice and set a date for the 24th! how cool! It is amazing how the lord truly prepares his people for us to come help them. I'm just glad I got to!

This week I've been talking about faith with the members and why its a good thing to have. I've been relating this scripture 

 But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.
Hebrews 11:6

I hope you all are having a good week. I miss you all and hey! Next transfer Is my year mark....WAT...Its 9 months in three days and the end of the next one is 12 months. Holy cow...that was quick huh? Lol 

Peace and Love

Elder James Harrison Nielsen

Week 35

This week has been very interesting. The last week of the month always seems to be with our money at the low end of the 159...Lol. WE also got a new investigator on sunday. How cool is that?? up to 4 1/2 (Don't ask...). He basically got interested from coming to church with his mom who just got reactivated and wants to be baptized. He even asked us to teach him hot to pay so he could be closer to God. How cool is that??? It def makes up for when we lose people or when we get doors slammed in our faces. Another up is the campout this weekend. We get to go all the way down to Rye which is like...two hours out of our area...I don't know why...most of you know that under normal circumstances that I don't like camping...but I guess my inner mentality is "If we can't do it and pres said we can...I WANT TO!" or in other words since president approved a forbidden thing I want to take full advantage of it. Don't judge...Lol 

Also this is some new news please if you have not already done so SEND ME ANYTHING! Transfers are next week. Originally I didn't think I'd be moving but with this news there is a chance that I may. The missionary department just split our mission with Denver south again. THis time they are taking Parker South stake and all the missionaries in the zone that were in that stake are coming down here and helping to open new areas and split some old ones. This may include ours. So i may be moving...may not...may not have anything of the sort happening but just in case! Don't send anything that isn't already sent till after next Tuesday. Cool? 

This week I've been thinking a lot about patience and having things done in Gods
time. That really is the best definition of Patience. It is the ability to wait for things that will be done in Gods time. I think this scripture helps a ton. It's in Mosiah 23

 21 Nevertheless the Lord seeth fit to chasten his people; yea, he trieth their patience and their faith.

As a missionary that subject can be tough for us. We can get a mentality that God has when he sees us screwing up. I know that sometimes he has to have super patience when he sees me do something stupid. Like "DUDE! Why did you do that!"
I kinda say that to people we teach. Things like
"I know! this will make you a better person but you refuse to do it.."
I think that we have to have more patience in order to become better people. Yeah it sucks but I believe that doing it will help! I've seen firsthand the fruits of patience from other people. People like parents, brothers, friends, or even other missionaries as they see those they love get baptized. It is a good feeling once the end comes. 

Anyway that's all I got this week. I hope you all are doing good. Love ya!

Peace and Love

Elder James Harrison Nielsen

Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 34

Dear family friends, and everything else,

This week was amazing! We got three new investigators...YES THREE and three have a date (in total we have four!) and one potential investigator that comes to church with their mom. It's so cool how much the Lord and the members have shown their trust in us by giving us work. Because as you know...more investigators means less tracting. We still do it about once a week for a few hours just to be productive. I can testify that while I haven't gotten any investigators from it...I have improved in my speech by a lot. I can see my skills improving! SO while it isn't really #1 finding's still a top five improving tool. 
Now...onto the main subject. One of our bishops (Since we cover two wards still) Asked us if we could participate in a MAN CAMP. Basically it used to be a father & sons camp but then they realized how cool it would be to invite nonmembers and sisters if they wanted to come. So it turned into this event where we invite nonmembers to go. he wants us to go. Now normally...Missionaries are very strictly prohibitive from camping. Naturally we said he would have to ask president. So he did. About 7:10 this morning President Rehm texts us and says we can go! In fact he encouraged it if we can find new people to talk to. So on the 4th of next month we are going on a nightlong campout in Colorado to hopefully get new investigators....HOW COOL IS THAT??? I'll have more details for what's gonna happen for that next Tuesday. Next week is memorial day on Monday...every holiday is on Monday so We will most likely email on Tuesday after the storehouse. Tomorrow is Zone Conference for us. Should be fun lol...I'll be reading more of the OT since I finished Revelations on Saturday. Here's something interesting I read that I felt like sharing. 
First off...I've heard lots of comments from people that we are super secretive on the things we do in the temple. That we have "Magical Underwear"
lol...Well I don't think my Garments have a +1 +1 magic property of protection (DND reference there) but they do have a form of spiritual protection...Anyway...I was reading in Exodus yesterday and today. Around 32 right now...and everything that they talk about between like 24-the end is pretty much a lot of the same stuff we do. I mean the specific wording of things we keep sacred and that's for a reason but like...the clothing and stuff that's no secret. Its ALL inside the old testaments...ALL OF IT. So like next time someone talks about magical anything that's where I'm gonna point them. But yes it was a good week. I miss you guys. I hope you are having a good week. I am having a good one starting off now and with the Camp coming up...It's gonna be amazing. Until next week!

Peace and Love

Elder James Harrison Nielsen

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Week 33

So mothers day rocked! I was super thrilled and happy to talk to most of yall. Mom brought up a good point. I only get to do that two more times....I'm basically half way! lol not really. Today is my 8 month mark. I've survived for eight according to me...thats a feat worth bragging about. I've survived longer than any job I've held!...well we can dispute why later but I think its cool to still be kicking it hard. My comp elder baker his his year mark last Thursday which was super cool. He came out a few transfers before me so I still feel that even though he's got more time on me...he still knows kinda fresh how its like to be in my place. 
Last week was kinda rough since he was sick. We had to stay inside a little more than we would have liked but thats okay...this week we plan to redouble our efforts and talk to a ton of people! Try not to tract but mostly stop byes...We still have a half dozen people we've been trying to contact with no success...THIS WEEK SHALL BE DIFFERENT! 

Here is my weekly scripture. I read it a few days ago when I was in romans and it serves as a good reminder to my feelings of the Gospel 

Romans 1:16

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.

I hope all of us are having a good week and will have an amazing one next week also! I love you all and will be back on Monday! Peace

Elder James Harrison Nielsen

Week 32

This week is going to be super exciting for me. Why? Mothers day!!!!! I'm super excited to get the chance and call home and sing for you guys. Just ask Elder Baker my comp. I've been practicing and will redouble my efforts till Sunday. And just as a special hype for all of you who will be is the songs I'll be singing.

1. Nearer my God to thee
2 Hallelujah by Cloverton
3 Drummer boy
4 I see fire by Ed Sherran 
5 Happy Birthday for Sariah
6 The CCSM Anthem

It'll be super exciting and I hope you all and excited too!
This week in the terms of work we've been working with Less Actives and getting them back to church. It's really cool to see how they make little changes when we as missionaries 
1. Commit them to change
2. Promise them blessings 
3. Give a testimony of how those blessings will come true. 
4. Always give them encouragement that they can do it!

As a missionary who himself has made strides and changes ever since he got here, I can with an honest testimony tell people of any age that I meet that repentance works. Change works. 
Yesterday at one of our wards (Yes I still cover two wards...I'm super busy) I gave my testimony of being humble and remembering how we compare to Christ. I read to myself Doctrine and Covenants 122 and it really humbled me...I try to read it everytime I'm struggling because it does help. This is what it says and I rephrase some of it to apply to myself 

 1 The ends of the earth shall inquire after thy name, and fools shall have thee in derision, and hell shall rage against thee;

 2 While the pure in heart, and the wise, and the noble, and the virtuous, shall seek counsel, and authority, and blessings constantly from under thy hand.

 3 And thy people shall never be turned against thee by the testimony of traitors.

 4 And although their influence shall cast thee into trouble, and into bars and walls, thou shalt be had in honor; and but for a small moment and thy voice shall be more terrible in the midst of thine enemies than the fierce lion, because of thy righteousness; and thy God shall stand by thee forever and ever.

 5 If thou art called to pass through tribulation; if thou art in perils among false brethren; if thou art in perils among robbers; if thou art in perils by land or by sea;

 6 If thou art accused with all manner of false accusations; if thine enemies fall upon thee; if they tear thee from the society of thy father and mother and brethren and sisters; and if with a drawn sword thine enemies tear thee from the bosom of thy wife, and of thine offspring, and thine elder son, although but six years of age, shall cling to thy garments, and shall say, My father, my father, why can’t you stay with us? O, my father, what are the men going to do with you? and if then he shall be thrust from thee by the sword, and thou be dragged to prison, and thine enemies prowl around thee like wolves for the blood of the lamb;

 7 And if thou shouldst be cast into the pit, or into the hands of murderers, and the sentence of death passed upon thee; if thou be cast into the deep; if the billowing surge conspire against thee; if fierce winds become thine enemy; if the heavens gather blackness, and all the elements combine to hedge up the way; and above all, if the very jaws of hell shall gape open the mouth wide after thee, know thou, my son, that all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good.

 8 The Son of Man hath descended below them all. Art thou greater than he?

 9 Therefore, hold on thy way, and the priesthood shall remain with thee; for their bounds are set, they cannot pass. Thy days are known, and thy years shall not be numbered less; therefore, fear not what man can do, for God shall be with you forever and ever.

Obviously I don't have any children or a wife and I doubt that I'll die on my mission but it still conveys the same message...Am I with my struggles greater than Jesus? no of course not...So thats why I try to remain humble enough to go through my problems. They aren't few and some show up everyday. I'm learning and trying to solve them. I'm sure by the end of my mission I still won't be perfect, but I'll be on my way to being a better James Harrison Nielsen than i was before I came out. With that in mind...I hope you guys have a good week and I'll see you on Sunday!

(PS I'll keep you updated on when calling can take place!)
Peace and Love~

Elder James Harrison Nielsen

Week 31

So this email is late. I apologize to everyone who was waiting for it patiently for my email...the libraries reservation system for their computers failed and everyone who was working on one got kicked out...Its sad...

I don't have much to say this week. It was a good one. I'm not getting transferred so thats good!
We found out an investigator we met with this week is actually a less active! whaaaat! super cool. They expressed wanting to come back to church and it was super cool and the daughter who's 8 asked "When can I get baptized?"
It made me cry.

I love you all. Its a short email I know...but I don't have too much time to write a super long one...Hope your all doing well!

Peace and Love
Elder Nielsen

Week 30

I had a sort of nervous breakdown a few days ago. You see...perfection isn't something we achieve now...and its surely not something we get on the mission. I have to stop worrying about the little things. I worry about my little imperfections that really don't matter. I get worked up and think I'll get sent home if I sleep in or something dumb like that. Thank the sweet lord for Elder Baker. He has like kept me above water and told me that its like okay...SO I'm after a long day amazing! See everyone has issues...But at least I am getting past them! Yay! 

This week and the next week following I've been asking members at dinner appointments to focus on missionary work. At Specialized training we focused on the work of salvation and how important it is to get people to God. We went into detail (Its a little deep) about the kingdoms of glory. We talked about a certain level of damnation that one inherits even if they get to the Celestial Kingdom without going right to the top...See only at the top can we become like God...anything lower and your stuck as an angel looking up at those who attained that Exaltation...You'd feel like you could have done better right? That's why I've been redoubling my efforts to find people to teach as well as teaching members. Mosiah 28:3 reflects both my feelings and the sons of king Mosiah.

"Now they were desirous that salvation should be declared to every creature, for they could not bear that any human soul should perish; yea, even the very thoughts that any soul should endure endless torment did cause them to quake and tremble."

That's my feeling. I don't want anyone to endure that torment of "I could have done better" or "I could have been That..."
Nobody deserves that. Everybody deserves the Eternal Life that God wants to give us. It takes work but it is worth it. 

Oh also we had a huge snow storm on Saturday. Its almost gone though lol. It melted during um...Yeah Co weather is so odd. 

Hope you guys all are rocking. I am having a pretty dang good day myself! 

Peace and Love~

Elder James H. Nielsen

Week 28

This week has been quite the week for the CCSM. I guess I'll be kind of soft in the details. Some missionaries went home in the last month due to multiple things. It saddens me to see others who have to go home early for any reason. It also saddens me when areas have to close. The work slows down and some people don't get the chance to see the blessings of the Gospel. Despite this I have through conference received a witness that our mission will be just fine. I will hold my head up faithful that we can be the very best we can be and do only the best work. Conference has helped to renew my sense of service and has made me want to do better in all that I do. I'm always improving and hoping things get easier.
That's really all I have. Thank you to everyone who has emailed me. I love you all and you are amazing

Peace and Love~

Elder James Nielsen

Week 27

Dear family.
We got some snow this week and it was amazing. Having a few cold days is actually good to leveling out the hot days we've been getting. So how's everyone doing? With Easter coming up we've been having lots of chances to meet new people. Its been amazing to see how some events like this can change people's hearts. Yay :D

Week 25

So this last week we went tracting around one of our wards. People say that it sucks and are so hesitant to do it that they either don't see the underlying blessings that come from it, or they don't get anything. For me I feel like despite it being the worst way to find learn other things that are for your benefit too. It makes me less scared to approach someone and say hi. It also allows us to learn our area and find out where members live. We found out a member lived on a street we were tracting. We shared with her a short Easter message and asked who around her would like to hear it. She then gave us like four people to see...FOUR MEMBER REFERALS. Cool huh? We also handed out a book of mormon to some smokers who said they would read it. I'm hoping that goes well ^^ 
This week we have a media referal also who wants to meet us. They did ask us to be baptized over the phone so we are excited to meet with him. I'm excited!
Well that's all I got for this week. I love you all. Its been six months and five days since I left. Still going strong! Still loving every moment of it! You guys rock!

Peace and Love~
Elder Nielsen

Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 24

A Mighty Week.

This week has been amazing. We've been working with a few investigators and hang out with the YSA elders since they live so close to us. We make meals together like chefs and work at the bishops storehouse and meet so many cool people. SO you can say this area rocks lol
Also my comp elder baker rocks. He's from Cali too!

Elder Nielsen

Week 23

An Interesting Turn of Events.

So by now I'm sure everyone knows that I got Eted (emergency transferred) into a new area. it was quite interesting to say the least. My new companion Elder Baker is a pretty cool guy. He's from Southern California too (Like half the mission is). We are getting along fine and working well so that's good! We even have a baptism this Saturday too so that's good!
I hope you all are doing good as I am doing good myself. Fun days are ahead I am sure of it!

Elder Nielsen

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week 22

Wonderful Surprises For All.

So admittedly this week was pretty tough to begin with. I blame myself partially to the contention that has been circulating. But as luck would have it, the Lord was able to find ways to help us and after late Thursday we are no longer contending at all. SO that's good right? Anyway this week is going to be great. I can tell. I'm expecting that after this transfer I will be leaving around the beginning of March. Everyone keep that in mind and if I do leave, you will know the Monday before it happens.
Anyways Along with this last week we got so much done with getting lessons put in with less actives and visiting a few member referrals. Its quite liberating to know that once you put the effort in, God will help you. I am more and more feeling the blessings of the spirit as we teach too and become more effective tools in his hands. Plus in about three weeks will be my 6 month hump. What a time! It feels like just yesterday that I was being trained. Now I'm almost 1/4th of the way done. Kinda cool! 
Anyway I love you all and hope the week for you all will turn out amazing! 
Peace and Love~ 

Elder Nielsen

Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 21

A Sublime Week

So this week was quite fun in itself. Last week we had a baptism and this week WE HAD ANOTHER ONE! It was super fun. Having three investigators that all get baptized within a month is really really good. President Rehm commented that this many in one year for our ward was the most work done for that ward in ages. So that's good huh? This week we having the snow melted plan to get the goal of giving at least one person a book of Mormon during our street contacting which has been quite fun and adventurous if I do say. Anyway I'm tomorrow going to be out for five months. Crazy sauce right? five months away with 19 to go! I'm just getting started in the mission and I've already helped out so many people. It makes me happy. I hope everyone is feeling the spirit just as much as I am. I hope to feel it even more with the rest of the transfer. Speaking of which...if I don't leave this transfer its predicted that I'll stay in this area for the whole mission. LOL. I hope not since moving around and meeting new people would be nice. Either way I'll have spent one fourth of my mission in the first area. Cool right? Anyway I love you all and hope you all have a wonderful great week. I plan to do more family history work and work even harder than I did last week.

Peace and Love <3

Elder James Nielsen.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Week 20

A Snowy Disposition.

This Sunday was cruel and unworthy to be called a Sunday. It snowed...HARD. The library was closed today and we had to do all emails from a members pc. Its really boring. On the plus side since we can't go anywhere or do pretty much anything I've gotten into a grove of writing again! and oh golly boy has that been amazing! I've been jotting down ideas like crazy. I guess some snowy days where all you can do is read the book of Mormon in a day or do that and do a puzzle (Or write) is okay a few times in the winter. Thank goodness we can still check the mail! Anyway I'll be writing you all personally but I wanted to say in this group email while its snowing harder than I've seen since Idaho...I love you all! its about 8 days since I've been gone for a whole 5 months. That's really long isn't it! Soon it'll be six months. Then 12! then I'll be home before you know it...Weird isn't it. Well anyway....I will pray for you all as I know that personal struggles aren't fun so I'm sending my personal spirits to you all!
Peace and Love
Elder James Nielsen

Week 19

A Puzzling Outcome.

At the beginning of my experience with elder M Peterson he got a puzzle for Christmas of a cinimatic R2-D2 with little scenes of the movie in the pieces. He doesn't like puzzles so I decided to take on the task. I said I would try to finish it before the transfer's end. Well here we are. On Saturday I was fearing that I might leave. Well the good news is in and I'm staying for at the least one more transfer. This is both good and odd. Most missionaries don't stay in their training area for more than 3 transfers. So I'm a delicate flower indeed :D this also means I get to see both of my other investigators get baptized. I'm really excited to see that!
Next week is a special persons birthday. I decided that I'd send her a card and express how grateful that she is here so I could be here because lets be honest. Me not being here would mean peoples lives would be boring. Or something like that. I'm just very happy my mother is here and that she supports me on this mission. I love you mom :D
I'll be sending you all personal emails within the next hour or two. I love you all and hope you have a good day!

Elder Nielsen

Week 18

Lost and Foundry.

This week was a good mix of up and downs with a stressful twist. BLEH
On Wednesday I lost my bag. And then on Saturday I got it back. Let me explain exactly what went through this process.
On Wed I put my bag on top of the car when talking to some elders. That was my first mistake. Second one was I forgot all about it. It fell off the car near our house and a member found it and gave it back to me on Saturday after I stressed out over it. What has this process taught me? God thinks I need more patience. If I didn't I obviously wouldn't have lost it. It has taught me some. But I still need more...

Anyway after that we had a baptism! it was so cool and spiritual. I was uber excited for both of them and can't wait till they go to the temple next year because I'll get to go!

Anyway Ellie's birthday came up and left and mine is quickly on the way. That's exciting. I love you all and I can't wait to talk more next week. 
Peace and Love from your Elder 
Elder Nielsen

Week 17

In Tune.

This previous week for me has been met with a wide variety with ups and downs. At this months zone training we focused on the power of Christ like attributes. The big focus was charity.
I felt like I needed to improve and decided to find more ways to love my comp. I tell you the very next day Satan was working on us because I was trying to improve. Just goes to show you I had the right idea on something for once!

However we made up quickly.
Its was also my four month anniversary on the 9th of January. Can you all believe it? I've been gone for that long. It feels way shorter than its been. I've already had a wonderful Christmas away from home and soon to be a 19th birthday. I'm getting old aren't I? 
We also have a Baptism this week. The investigator we taught had no idea who God was when we began teaching. Crazy right? According to my blessing I would teach someone just like him. So I think its been partly fulfilled right? I bet!
We also have (Tons of good stuff this week!) interviews with president. These happen every 3 months so I'm excited. 

Transfers are on the 26th. As far as I know I'm probably leaving. I don't know yet. If anyone wants to send me something for my birthday, try to get it there before Monday of that week. If you don't think you can make it then send it to the office so I can pick it up when transfers happen. SO till then I'm still in Oakwood/ Indago Ranch wards. 

This last week I decided to start sharing spiritual thoughts in my emails. Here's one I felt:

We were teaching one of our investigators about the commandments and I could tell she was very understanding of them. She rather enjoyed the fact that our church leaders do their callings with no pay and told us she was very excited to get baptized. Her date is on the Second of February, which is also her birthday and mom's birthday. How cool is that! :D

I hope you all are doing well and I will be writing individual emails to you all in a moment. As for next is a holiday and the library will be closed so we most likely won't be writing till Tuesday. Don't worry our president already thought of that :D
Anyway. I love you all and wish blessings for each

Peace and Love~ Elder James H. Nielsen

Week 16

A Week of Promises.

This week has been rather fun for me and my companion Elder M Peterson. We went on exchanges with the Zone Lords (Aka the zone leaders) and both learned of ways of being more patient with each other and others we are working with. This week we have finished the lessons with two of our investigators and have them both ready for interviews for baptism. What glorious blessings it is to see people's lives changed and enriched by the gospel. I'm excited for both parties as I feel how they felt when I had to gain for myself the same testimony. Its really given me a big boost in my moral. Transfers are coming up literally the week after my birthday. With me being out of training, I've had people tell me that I'll be leaving this area I'm in. I'm not to confident about that but if it does you all will know in about two to three weeks. Speaking of my birthday I'll be 19. How wonderful that I am still here! I consider almost being a 5th of my life span a great blessing. I've made it this far. So I plan to continue and finish at 5/5ths of my life span. Or even 6/5ths if I could go that far. I'd be really old then. With the new year upon us I've decided to set goals and leap into the new year with a plan to become a better missionary and man overall (If I'm considered a man now :D) Some of those include deepening my understanding of the scriptures and helping other people to understand them. Or getting up more on time at 6:30 so I don't miss out on the blessings of early mornings as a missionary. Or maybe even getting closer to all my companions whoever they may be and not arguing with them.

Whatever happens my hope is to improve. Part of the process of enduring to the end is always making little checks and balances to see how we are doing now and how we can improve. In the talk from this last conference "What lack I yet?" I have found and come to realize that as a person myself I will never stop finding things to work on. If I did I better be past the judgement. Anyway it is my prayer that this year we can all enjoy the blessings of a continued season. A time of happiness and love. With Easter coming up the savior will even more so like Christmas have his name heightened by the world. I hope we can all focus on him and feel his love always. I love you all and wish for blessings upon you all.

week 15

So this past week for me has been one of many surprises. Both good and or bad. I won't discuss the bad but do know they haven't gotten me down in any way. In fact all the good has outshined the bad 64 times over. Christmas for me has been absolutely amazing. Getting to talk to the fam has been an amazing chance and has fulfilled me. With the holidays passing I am happy to say that we are having three baptisms coming up in January and February. Its rather heart warming to see how we can change lives and make the Gospel part of their lives. I do believe this was a good choice to come out. And I'll never ever think any different. As this approaching week comes I hope to try and even more so get in tuned with the spirit and share with more people the Gospel. I pray that we all can feel the spirit and have the chance to feel it even more as we just be who we are.

I love you all and miss you with all my heart

Week 14

Well my family. It is the week of Christmas. I am fairly certain that this is where I need to be on this joyful holiday. As I've mentioned we have three investigators and all of them made it to church :D that's so big! I'm feeling the spirit of God as we work. And I do feel thankful. So far I've gotten packages from Grandma and James. From what I've found inside I say thank you. I am indeed happy and grateful for these things. I've already put my money to good use buying things I need here. Like a GPS so we don't have to use a map in the darkness of night. Not like it isn't fun...
My prayers go out to everyone as I continue to do my work. We constantly strive to share the new christmas videos that the church put out this year. If any of you have not seen them. I strive for you all to. They all can be found on Christmas.Mormon.Org. Each is quite amazing and has given me quite the thoughts as too how I can improve myself, because as it stands I am never perfect.
I hope all of you can enjoy the blessings of Christmas like I have and I cannot wait to see you all again 

From your Elder
Elder Nielsen

Week 8

Wow! Its been two months. Has it really? feels like just a few weeks ago I said goodbye to mom and Grandma at the large buildings in Provo. Time does fly for us doesn't it?
I am doing well right now. I've gotten used to the life and I'm helping tons of people. We've looked over lessons this week and we have one each day just at night. Others dot each day along with service. How's life at home for you all? Right now we are expected it to snow in the next few days. And we expect it to get hard. People here joke about how I'll be handling it. I feel with a little bit of good courage I'll do just fine.
Thank you all also for the kind letters and the packages sent. My heart filled with joy when I saw them.
I can't wait to hear more from you guys. Reading emails from you all keep me going!

Elder Nielsen

Week 6

Good morning Nielsen team. It is Monday the 26th in October. Its almost Halloween! a time of candy and costumes and missionaries staying inside their homes ALL DAY LONG. As per mission rules we cannot leave. Its a safety thing mostly. Especially on new years eve and day. But enough about that. How is you all doin? The other day I went on exchanges with one of the zone leaders. And we biked.... for the first time in about two years I did some major biking through the hills and winding turns of Colorado springs. It was not fun at all with my current... stamina in the higher climates. The result of it left my poor bottom hurting from the crazy man seat. However I did make sure to capture the moment via Elder Hughes my exchanges comp. I also for the first time went....TRACTING! it was so... unsuccessful that I understand why most missionaries hate it above all else. Elder Peterson and I have decided that its our last resort after all our planning has taken place.

I have written letters to all of you and they should be arriving soon. I'll try to send a written letter at least once a month. Oh and for Ellie here is some of the trees we see. Most have already lost their leaves so its quite empty looking with them. Sad really. I bet its really nice over there still. Right?
Also mom. Those books you showed me are perfect. Send only those and the dice. The boys here will be very happy with those. I'll make sure they write you a thank you note <3

Elder Nielsen