Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Week 17

In Tune.

This previous week for me has been met with a wide variety with ups and downs. At this months zone training we focused on the power of Christ like attributes. The big focus was charity.
I felt like I needed to improve and decided to find more ways to love my comp. I tell you the very next day Satan was working on us because I was trying to improve. Just goes to show you I had the right idea on something for once!

However we made up quickly.
Its was also my four month anniversary on the 9th of January. Can you all believe it? I've been gone for that long. It feels way shorter than its been. I've already had a wonderful Christmas away from home and soon to be a 19th birthday. I'm getting old aren't I? 
We also have a Baptism this week. The investigator we taught had no idea who God was when we began teaching. Crazy right? According to my blessing I would teach someone just like him. So I think its been partly fulfilled right? I bet!
We also have (Tons of good stuff this week!) interviews with president. These happen every 3 months so I'm excited. 

Transfers are on the 26th. As far as I know I'm probably leaving. I don't know yet. If anyone wants to send me something for my birthday, try to get it there before Monday of that week. If you don't think you can make it then send it to the office so I can pick it up when transfers happen. SO till then I'm still in Oakwood/ Indago Ranch wards. 

This last week I decided to start sharing spiritual thoughts in my emails. Here's one I felt:

We were teaching one of our investigators about the commandments and I could tell she was very understanding of them. She rather enjoyed the fact that our church leaders do their callings with no pay and told us she was very excited to get baptized. Her date is on the Second of February, which is also her birthday and mom's birthday. How cool is that! :D

I hope you all are doing well and I will be writing individual emails to you all in a moment. As for next is a holiday and the library will be closed so we most likely won't be writing till Tuesday. Don't worry our president already thought of that :D
Anyway. I love you all and wish blessings for each

Peace and Love~ Elder James H. Nielsen

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