Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Week 20

A Snowy Disposition.

This Sunday was cruel and unworthy to be called a Sunday. It snowed...HARD. The library was closed today and we had to do all emails from a members pc. Its really boring. On the plus side since we can't go anywhere or do pretty much anything I've gotten into a grove of writing again! and oh golly boy has that been amazing! I've been jotting down ideas like crazy. I guess some snowy days where all you can do is read the book of Mormon in a day or do that and do a puzzle (Or write) is okay a few times in the winter. Thank goodness we can still check the mail! Anyway I'll be writing you all personally but I wanted to say in this group email while its snowing harder than I've seen since Idaho...I love you all! its about 8 days since I've been gone for a whole 5 months. That's really long isn't it! Soon it'll be six months. Then 12! then I'll be home before you know it...Weird isn't it. Well anyway....I will pray for you all as I know that personal struggles aren't fun so I'm sending my personal spirits to you all!
Peace and Love
Elder James Nielsen

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