Sunday, September 20, 2015

Letters from Harry, the MTC

He's been gone just over a week now.  He is due to leave the MTC on Monday the 21st for the Colorado Springs Mission.  He is full of hope and love.  Here are some of the highlights from the emails I got this week.

Sept 10th
Dear Mother,
Know that I your son Harry Nielsen am alive and doing very well. The first day has already taught me more than I have ever thought to know on the experience as a missionary. Do not grieve or have fear for me ^^ I am happy and excited to learn and give the work to many people. 

Tell Dad I love him, as well as Ellie, Sam, and Sariah.

Sept 16th
This was to Ellie, she asked him a ton of questions in a letter to him and these are his responses.

Elleanor Rigby: Hey Ellie!!!!!!! I miss you. Each time I get a letter from you and read it. I only can laugh and smile. to begin answering all your questions about the MTC.

Yes it is like a Buffet here, they serve three different types of Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner with many types of sides and of course unlimited PB&J sandwiches and cereal. While the food has been for the most part good... Sometimes I take a bite of my cheeseburger and the bun is hard like a rock. They do serve a lot of WHEAT here so I constantly have to gauge what I eat so my companion doesn't feel weighed down by me needing to relieve myself. 

**LOL Harry has a wheat allergy!  Wheat also happens to be something he loves to eat!  It will be a balancing act for sure!

More on the 16th

ALSO ALSO!!! I am ten days into my scarf. Everyone around me thinks its so cool that I can knit, and draw. I even talked a little about my book to them and they were amazed. I guess I never realized that I looked at a so different angle than others...SO far my mission experience has been the ultimate eye opener for me and I cannot wait to gain more experience. 

In closing....I miss you all.. I miss Ellie and the fun we had. I miss Sam and always having tiny moments to help him grow. I miss Sariah and how silly she was. And I especially miss you two Mom and Dad. My life would have never gone this way and I would have never felt so much of the gospel. My life has forever changed and I am happy it has. I will email you all more next week when my next P-day is and hope you all have a wonderful blessed day.


I am loving his letters.  At the MTC his P Day was Wednesday. (P Day is short for preparation day.  It is a day to prep, do laundry, email and write family, help with service projects, etc.)  Harry was excited because this week he got to attend the Provo Temple.... that makes 5 temples so far.... St. George, Las Vegas, San Diego, Salt Lake City and of course Provo.  It's good because there isn't one in his mission area so he probably won't have the opportunity to go for the next two years.  

That's all for now.  He gets to call us on Monday, I will write more as I know more.  


Saturday, September 19, 2015

Off to the MTC!

Getting ready!  Tie must be perfect.

Last hugs after lunch.

Why was this light SO SHORT???? I could have sat there forever and been fine. 

Such a well oiled machine!  They were so kind to all the moms letting children go and all the dads trying to look brave and proud.

A piece of my heart is with him.  Such an awesome young man.

There he goes!

Fun in Utah!

We had such a fun time with family and friends before taking Harry to the MTC!

Thank you Grandma for the warm welcome to Utah!

Modeling his new hat, LOL... he is going to freeze his fanny off!

Dear friends!  Chris Peterson introduced me to the Gospel 10 years ago, look at what happened!

With awesome return missionary Cole Butcher!

Hanging out at Temple Square!

These three.

Lunch at Kneaders.

Sariah thought that the fountain was far more fun than having her picture taken... AGAIN.

A beginning!

If you haven't read THIS, you should :)  July and August we spent a lot of time preparing.  Things to buy, trips to take, time to spend.

She sure misses her church buddy.

We knew we couldn't go without him while he was gone so he earned money and helped us all go.  Such an awesome kid!

Just after his setting apart with President Batson.

On our way to the airport!