Wednesday, February 3, 2016

week 15

So this past week for me has been one of many surprises. Both good and or bad. I won't discuss the bad but do know they haven't gotten me down in any way. In fact all the good has outshined the bad 64 times over. Christmas for me has been absolutely amazing. Getting to talk to the fam has been an amazing chance and has fulfilled me. With the holidays passing I am happy to say that we are having three baptisms coming up in January and February. Its rather heart warming to see how we can change lives and make the Gospel part of their lives. I do believe this was a good choice to come out. And I'll never ever think any different. As this approaching week comes I hope to try and even more so get in tuned with the spirit and share with more people the Gospel. I pray that we all can feel the spirit and have the chance to feel it even more as we just be who we are.

I love you all and miss you with all my heart

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