Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Week 18

Lost and Foundry.

This week was a good mix of up and downs with a stressful twist. BLEH
On Wednesday I lost my bag. And then on Saturday I got it back. Let me explain exactly what went through this process.
On Wed I put my bag on top of the car when talking to some elders. That was my first mistake. Second one was I forgot all about it. It fell off the car near our house and a member found it and gave it back to me on Saturday after I stressed out over it. What has this process taught me? God thinks I need more patience. If I didn't I obviously wouldn't have lost it. It has taught me some. But I still need more...

Anyway after that we had a baptism! it was so cool and spiritual. I was uber excited for both of them and can't wait till they go to the temple next year because I'll get to go!

Anyway Ellie's birthday came up and left and mine is quickly on the way. That's exciting. I love you all and I can't wait to talk more next week. 
Peace and Love from your Elder 
Elder Nielsen

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