Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 42

This week has been amazing for me. My new companion Elder Angiuano is super cool and I respect him a lot. He also loves soccer a ton and as I am as some of you know an aspiring soccer goaly now. I'm actually pretty good. I won't lie. I can block shots pretty well! As for being defense or offence...Not so well. Anyway this week has been amazing. Since the ward split we've had an increased effort to focus on things that normally we would be too busy for since we had two wards. Now we are using the area book to its fullest and its seeing quite a lot of success. I'm super happy! 
This week will be the same only I'm hoping that it will be with even more results since we aren't doing transfers or getting new information like last week. I feel like we will see an increase of contacting, and lessons just from doing easy things that before we were too busy for.
Comic con was last week and I must admit I missed that...the sites, the costumes. the smell of clean convention center air in my nose....Ah I really miss it....but I must thank mom for sending the friend along from comic con. I named him George for anyone who is wondering. 
That's really it for now. I hope you all are doing good. I am fantastic, again my new companion is simply amazing and he does a lot for me and helps me.

Peace and love Peace and love 
~Ringo Starr

Elder James H. Nielsen

Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 41

This week has been stressful and super rewarding. We had our Baptism on Saturday with our Golden Investigator and then his confirmation on Sunday. It was super cool and another firm solidifying testimony to the importance of my work. Yay! We have transfers this week and I'm getting a new companion. I'm kind of relieved. This was the longest I've been with one...almost four transfers and admittedly we were getting tired of one another. Not a bad thing was just time for us to part. We will still be in the same district since they are splitting our area's but that is okay!

After this transfer I will be 13 days from my 1 year mark. HOW INSANE IS THAT??? I'll be almost a year old missionary. Has it really been that long though? It doesn't feel that long at all...Wow...

Anyway same address to send me packages if you guys were waiting. I was lol Hope you all are having a good day. I am now too ^^

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week 40

We have an investigator who's preparing for baptism on the 16th he's a very solid guy whom I have tons of respect for. I learned the other day from his mom that he has Autism. It gave me way more respect for him because most Autistic people (And this is my own experience) like to stay in one place. Moving or changing ourselves is not fun or something most do. But he was humble enough to come ot church and want to be baptized...Its really humbling to me and gives me a renewed hope for the world. His bother is also coming to church and he has Bipolor but also wants to come to church too...It makes me feel so happy. Change is something that as humans we sometimes want to push away. It forces us to move away from choices we normally made in order to adapt a new way of life. For example lets look at someone who diets. That's something I have no real experience in because I never really had to, but someone who diets has to change what they eat and makes changes in order to complete the diet. Or for another example lets take someone who has to repent. Sin is an active move away from the close relationship we have with God. Never ever does God move away from us when we sin. We deiced to move away from him and make those choices that distance us from him. Repenting is the move back into that relationship and sometimes it can be hard. When we get comfortable with things we do its hard to change and repent but the feeling we get after its done is amazing. I think I heard it once like having a rock in your shoe. Its very very annoying but we are sometimes too lazy to change that and eventually get comfortable with in the shoe. 

Change isn't easy, it never was meant to be but I know if we do, we can make our lives better and become closer to God. 
Yesterday was the forth and the libraries were closed. We were planning to be in a parade but I got sick in the morning and we decided it was best not to go. 

I hope you all are doing good. Right now I'm in 2nd Samuel and David just committed a silly thing and the current prophet (I think his name is nathan) tells him what the consequence is going to be. Its just another good reminder of what happens when you cheat. Lol

Peace and Love
Elder James Harrison Nielsen