Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 51

Alright so this week was a big roller coaster for me. My companion on Tuesday night got a call to go he left on Wed night and I got put in a trio in Woodland Park with two elders named Elders Carlson and Sanford. They both are hard workers and are more obedient than most so I feel confident that another comp won't go home this transfer. Sigh...
Woodland Park is amazing. Its about 20 miles outside the springs and is deep in the mountains. A lot of people go up there to hide and be secluded from the other parts of the springs. Can't say I blame them. Its super nice up there. We have a nice duplex apartment. 
I don't expect to stay however. I was told most likely that I'll be moved somewhere else next transfer. Hopefully back to stetson hills where I was. i know the area so I'll be pleading my case for that today with president lol.

Conference was this week. I got the chance to listen to all of them and today I'm beginning to re-listen to all of the talks starting withSaturday. I really enjoyed the talks where they told the members to stop complaining about the work of salvation. All to often as a missionary I feel at least that members can complain that we aren't doing enough when they have to be a huge part in the process as well. These days with all that is happening it is becoming more of the members duty to find friends, family, or strangers for us to teach. It all helps in the huge process and I'm glad that I heard that talk. Made me laugh lol

Approaching 13 months in 6 days. Seems like yesterday that I was at my year mark. But hey I'm excited. Now I can say I'm on a downhill slop. Its all been so amazing and since I see it going this fast I feel an urgency to get as much as I can done now with only 11 months left.

I've been reading a lot in the book of Mormon. This past week I finished Mosiah and got through the first 15 chapters of the book of Alma. Its interesting how the reign of judges did great things for the people. If only that kind of thing was implemented in our government today lol. Probably still wouldn't be perfect but the second coming is coming speedily sooo...

This week shall be amazing. I'm excited. I love the people. I love the area.

Peace and Love, Peace and Love

Elder James Harrison Nielsen

Week 50


So on Thursday of last week was my true real Year Mark in the Field. The 22nd of September was the day I entered the field. It was a day to remember for myself and about 19 others.
I was so excited because it gave me a chance to go finally rejuvinize my life spiritually with the most sacred and important place in the world. Now unless I get some recent converts to the temple the next time I'm going is when I go home. 

The temple is an amazing place. We go there to make and renew sacred covenants when we do. We also go to help others who need the help that cannot be done any other way. It was especially powerful when we got to take pictures on the grounds. I'll be attaching a few in a secondary email later on. 

Among other things I am also excited for general conference coming up this next Saturday and Sunday where all of the members will be gathered around a screen or in person to listen and hear the words of the lords anointed for two days. I know also that the general womans conference is coming up as well.

We got one of our investigators to a date which will be after conference on the 8th right before transfers.

With one year down another one is coming up to go and I must say I am excited for it and cannot wait to have it go!

I love you all and miss you. I hope you know that and I will be working extra hard this year for all of you...FOR HONOR! FOR THE PEOPLE! FOR FOOD!

Well maybe not food but you get the point lol.

Peace and Love Peace and Love 

Elder James Harrison Nielsen

Week 49

This week is really exciting for me.

I have been waiting for this ever since I came out and heard you have to wait a whole year for it and now that it is actually coming this Thursday I am really beyond pumped.
My comp Elder Nacua and I have worked really hard this week since we both are guessing he is going to be the one leaving and we want me to know the place well enough to get around. I doubt I will without the use of a map but we shall see XD 
"I've been out for a year and some" I tell people. It feels good to know that my hard work and perseverance (I'd like to think)
There were a few times I wanted to go home. Not feeling good enough...worrying about my health. BAH! It's all gone now. I'm actually am more healthy than I've ever been. That's amazing! I hope it sticks...

A few days ago I decided to start implementing a new slogan to my life. I go around and I hear all about people with Autism. I will admit sometimes I get down because of those people. It sucks! Then my comp sat me down. He's so nice even though he's a huge football player. He told me that I didn't need to hold a label that other people were making for people like me and that I am a super star. So overnight I got this idea. I'm starting a "No Excuses" campaign. It'll be bigger once I can use social media to promote it but its really all about how people like me that have conquered there disabilities should have no excuses to be amazing and show the world how they went from a Zero to a Hero. That's my idea lol.

I was reading in Mosiah and king Benjamin is a star himself. He's probably one of the only kings that I would be okay with serving. A total G. Can I call prophets a G? I am now.
Another week another miracle! I'll have pics from the temple next week! Love you all.

Elder Nielsen

Week 48

Having jumped over that hump known as the year mark I feel like I'm a bit older missionary wise. 
I've been thinking about the month of September. Its a huge month for the Nielsen family. Not only do we have the year mark of my family distance...but it's also soon a special dads birthday. I won't say who just so spoilers don't get made but...I'm really excited. I've been thinking about dads and the roles they play. I have two dads. My dad and my heavenly dad. Both of them are there cheering for me each day that I continue going as best as I can. I also try to be the very best to not only make their name carry on in honor, but try my best to be just like them. Its something I find joy in. Fathers are very important. I think a good scripture that makes this have truth is the father of Enos. Enos had in his youth

"3 Behold, I went to hunt beasts in the forests; and the words which I had often heard my father speak concerning eternal life, and the joy of the saints, sunk deep into my heart."

I think all fathers in a way try to convey the truth of things least in some way. I know mine does. I know as I've gone out into the world like enos did (Not to hunt beasts but to find men) that the words of my father have more than once sunk into my heart. I think I've had multiple accounts of "Wrestling" with God for the truth like Enos has. In the end my result was the same as his. He wanted that word to be spread to everyone else.

We really never know the impact we have over others. Fathers have a huge one. I want to say as my dads birthday comes up to say thank you. Thank you dad for making me the way I am now. It could not be without you.

That's really my email for this week. I miss you all. Everyday has me seeing new and amazing things. In just 10 days I'll be at the temple. That will be amazing! I am grateful to my family for the package they sent. It really warmed my heart and I will make sure I only eat one candy a day till I'm back to give you all a hug (and some a kiss) :D

Peace and Love Peace and Love

Elder James Harrison Nielsen