Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 21

A Sublime Week

So this week was quite fun in itself. Last week we had a baptism and this week WE HAD ANOTHER ONE! It was super fun. Having three investigators that all get baptized within a month is really really good. President Rehm commented that this many in one year for our ward was the most work done for that ward in ages. So that's good huh? This week we having the snow melted plan to get the goal of giving at least one person a book of Mormon during our street contacting which has been quite fun and adventurous if I do say. Anyway I'm tomorrow going to be out for five months. Crazy sauce right? five months away with 19 to go! I'm just getting started in the mission and I've already helped out so many people. It makes me happy. I hope everyone is feeling the spirit just as much as I am. I hope to feel it even more with the rest of the transfer. Speaking of which...if I don't leave this transfer its predicted that I'll stay in this area for the whole mission. LOL. I hope not since moving around and meeting new people would be nice. Either way I'll have spent one fourth of my mission in the first area. Cool right? Anyway I love you all and hope you all have a wonderful great week. I plan to do more family history work and work even harder than I did last week.

Peace and Love <3

Elder James Nielsen.

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