Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 34

Dear family friends, and everything else,

This week was amazing! We got three new investigators...YES THREE and three have a date (in total we have four!) and one potential investigator that comes to church with their mom. It's so cool how much the Lord and the members have shown their trust in us by giving us work. Because as you know...more investigators means less tracting. We still do it about once a week for a few hours just to be productive. I can testify that while I haven't gotten any investigators from it...I have improved in my speech by a lot. I can see my skills improving! SO while it isn't really #1 finding's still a top five improving tool. 
Now...onto the main subject. One of our bishops (Since we cover two wards still) Asked us if we could participate in a MAN CAMP. Basically it used to be a father & sons camp but then they realized how cool it would be to invite nonmembers and sisters if they wanted to come. So it turned into this event where we invite nonmembers to go. he wants us to go. Now normally...Missionaries are very strictly prohibitive from camping. Naturally we said he would have to ask president. So he did. About 7:10 this morning President Rehm texts us and says we can go! In fact he encouraged it if we can find new people to talk to. So on the 4th of next month we are going on a nightlong campout in Colorado to hopefully get new investigators....HOW COOL IS THAT??? I'll have more details for what's gonna happen for that next Tuesday. Next week is memorial day on Monday...every holiday is on Monday so We will most likely email on Tuesday after the storehouse. Tomorrow is Zone Conference for us. Should be fun lol...I'll be reading more of the OT since I finished Revelations on Saturday. Here's something interesting I read that I felt like sharing. 
First off...I've heard lots of comments from people that we are super secretive on the things we do in the temple. That we have "Magical Underwear"
lol...Well I don't think my Garments have a +1 +1 magic property of protection (DND reference there) but they do have a form of spiritual protection...Anyway...I was reading in Exodus yesterday and today. Around 32 right now...and everything that they talk about between like 24-the end is pretty much a lot of the same stuff we do. I mean the specific wording of things we keep sacred and that's for a reason but like...the clothing and stuff that's no secret. Its ALL inside the old testaments...ALL OF IT. So like next time someone talks about magical anything that's where I'm gonna point them. But yes it was a good week. I miss you guys. I hope you are having a good week. I am having a good one starting off now and with the Camp coming up...It's gonna be amazing. Until next week!

Peace and Love

Elder James Harrison Nielsen

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