Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 35

This week has been very interesting. The last week of the month always seems to be with our money at the low end of the 159...Lol. WE also got a new investigator on sunday. How cool is that?? up to 4 1/2 (Don't ask...). He basically got interested from coming to church with his mom who just got reactivated and wants to be baptized. He even asked us to teach him hot to pay so he could be closer to God. How cool is that??? It def makes up for when we lose people or when we get doors slammed in our faces. Another up is the campout this weekend. We get to go all the way down to Rye which is like...two hours out of our area...I don't know why...most of you know that under normal circumstances that I don't like camping...but I guess my inner mentality is "If we can't do it and pres said we can...I WANT TO!" or in other words since president approved a forbidden thing I want to take full advantage of it. Don't judge...Lol 

Also this is some new news please if you have not already done so SEND ME ANYTHING! Transfers are next week. Originally I didn't think I'd be moving but with this news there is a chance that I may. The missionary department just split our mission with Denver south again. THis time they are taking Parker South stake and all the missionaries in the zone that were in that stake are coming down here and helping to open new areas and split some old ones. This may include ours. So i may be moving...may not...may not have anything of the sort happening but just in case! Don't send anything that isn't already sent till after next Tuesday. Cool? 

This week I've been thinking a lot about patience and having things done in Gods
time. That really is the best definition of Patience. It is the ability to wait for things that will be done in Gods time. I think this scripture helps a ton. It's in Mosiah 23

 21 Nevertheless the Lord seeth fit to chasten his people; yea, he trieth their patience and their faith.

As a missionary that subject can be tough for us. We can get a mentality that God has when he sees us screwing up. I know that sometimes he has to have super patience when he sees me do something stupid. Like "DUDE! Why did you do that!"
I kinda say that to people we teach. Things like
"I know! this will make you a better person but you refuse to do it.."
I think that we have to have more patience in order to become better people. Yeah it sucks but I believe that doing it will help! I've seen firsthand the fruits of patience from other people. People like parents, brothers, friends, or even other missionaries as they see those they love get baptized. It is a good feeling once the end comes. 

Anyway that's all I got this week. I hope you all are doing good. Love ya!

Peace and Love

Elder James Harrison Nielsen

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