Sunday, May 15, 2016

Week 25

So this last week we went tracting around one of our wards. People say that it sucks and are so hesitant to do it that they either don't see the underlying blessings that come from it, or they don't get anything. For me I feel like despite it being the worst way to find learn other things that are for your benefit too. It makes me less scared to approach someone and say hi. It also allows us to learn our area and find out where members live. We found out a member lived on a street we were tracting. We shared with her a short Easter message and asked who around her would like to hear it. She then gave us like four people to see...FOUR MEMBER REFERALS. Cool huh? We also handed out a book of mormon to some smokers who said they would read it. I'm hoping that goes well ^^ 
This week we have a media referal also who wants to meet us. They did ask us to be baptized over the phone so we are excited to meet with him. I'm excited!
Well that's all I got for this week. I love you all. Its been six months and five days since I left. Still going strong! Still loving every moment of it! You guys rock!

Peace and Love~
Elder Nielsen

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