Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week 44 (?)

So some of you all know that we are losing our car this week. I don't mind it that much...I mean its not super hard to bike around all of creation. I'm kind of excited for it. We do have a lot of hills but I doubt it'll affect us too badly. I could use the cardio to get me fit and strong. Lol. 

One of our investigators just got cleared to get his date. He was exed and finally got a final for when he can get baptized. It'll be on the15th of Jan (A little far away) which will be super cool. I'm really excited for him. Next to him we've also been teaching this one guy. His name is Paul. He doesn't want to really get baptized because he's mad at God or something. I hope his heart will one day...not be mad at God XD I feel like there may be more reasons but for right now I'm content with bringing his spirits up so he enjoys our presence. That's always good!
My comp and I had a little soul to soul last Sunday so things are working better than they were. I think that we both have to work to make a companionship work. I know personally for me I have tons of work to do before I'm perfect...I doubt I'm that kind of perfect yet but Its being worked on!

Oh and here is a special thing...for about six months you all know that I didn't have a camera. I got one last month and began doing what they do best...TAKE PICTURES! Its finally at a point where I think I can share some. They will be attached in another email that will be sent a little after this one with some good pictures. They will be super good high quality!

In two weeks is transfers on the 30th. I've been in this area for six months. I am thinking I may leave soon. If I don't it'll be like...I'll be one of those missionaries that stays for a long time in one area. I know my great grand trainer stayed in my first area for 16 months...that's a long time to be with just one ward. I think he got a lot of work done too so that's good...

Three more things. I've been working on a little surprise for you all for right around when my year mark hits...a little while after it. I think you all will like it. It's something I've been thinking about for a long time...since about 4 months and now that things are coming together where I can do it fully you will be...DAZZLED! I hope you like it.

Two more things. I've been working on my book again. It seems like a life long pursuit but I think the mission has given me lots of time that at night I can reflect and get good idea's for it. I think you all will like it a lot. I know Ellie is excited. She is gonna do some art for me :D she rocks lots! I think God gave her the art fever and I kinda just...gave up XD that's okay though I'm a better writer than I am an artist. 

Speaking of writers that goes into my last thing. I've been re-reading the book of Mormon and giving it more focus than I did last time. I spent yesterday focusing on the first few chapters of 2nd Nephi. Specifically 1,2, and 3. Two gives a good amount of insight to our first parents, agency, and the need for trials and opposition. Its amazing! It explains in one little two to three page chapter about these important things...very eternal things too. We used it in an active member lesson with one of our members who lost his wife. He even though was active had some questions that he wanted to make sure was right. We made sure to help with that. It kinda self testified to me of the importance of all those things. I dunno...I could go on but I don't have the time XD 

Its the mid month. My Year mark is coming up soon! Our temple trip will be on September 22nd the same day that I entered the mission. I'm excited...I missed the temple so much. I need it tons. I can wait! I'll count down for it once it seems appropriate. 

Anyway...I apologize to everyone for not sending one of these in awhile. Things have been crazy for awhile but I know things are gonna get better. I love and miss you all
Peace and Love, Peace and Love

Elder James H Nielsen

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