Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week 47

By the time you all get this email itll be....about 3 days till my year mark XD 
its has been a ride for a lot of people id think. I still remember day one saying goodbye to mum right outside the mtc. That was 362 days ago.
A missionary life is not what you'd call a piece of cake. Ever since day one I've been given a new challenge in all different ways. From stressful companions to new health challenges I think I can safely say my mission has plenty of flavor. I don't think any missionary can say their mission was...normal. What is normal missions anyway? 

Anyway...this week in itself was crazy. I had a new record broken of time with one comp...now its 3 days. My last comp Elder Clancy had to go home because his dad was not doing good. I can understand how he feels. Losing a loved one that close...I might have to go home too...I couldn't handle that...Anyway send him your prayers. He needs it. 
We also got turned into a biking area finally. And lemme tell you...I don't know why I went so long without one...the workout is amazing. I am getting tired less and less. Oh and its fun. I am content with it XD 

I also started making salads with different yummy stuff. My most recent is a bacon, egg salad with ranch and cracked pepper. Yum. I eat it twice a week. 
Our ward is also amazing. Its on top of everything and the members are so nice. I missed a ward like this. My first ward...exactly like this. Yay! 
On the 22nd is our temple trip...I'm so...freaking...EXCITED! 
Nobody knows or can know how much I missed it because I worked in it and had such a passion for it. I cannot wait to go back. It'll be a day I am excited for.

Looks like while I'm gone the rest of the Nielsen family decided to leave our home and move to the beach. WOW. Jk I'm super excited for that. Going to the beach everyday sounds like fun XD I just hope there is room for me. 

Its been a ride. Its only halfway over and I doubt I'm done with the bumps in the road. I've enjoyed every moment of it and hope it is just as good or better as it has been. i love and miss you all....NOW CELEBRATE! IM COMING HOME NEXT YEAR!

Peace and Love Peace and Love

Elder Nielsen

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