Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 51

Alright so this week was a big roller coaster for me. My companion on Tuesday night got a call to go he left on Wed night and I got put in a trio in Woodland Park with two elders named Elders Carlson and Sanford. They both are hard workers and are more obedient than most so I feel confident that another comp won't go home this transfer. Sigh...
Woodland Park is amazing. Its about 20 miles outside the springs and is deep in the mountains. A lot of people go up there to hide and be secluded from the other parts of the springs. Can't say I blame them. Its super nice up there. We have a nice duplex apartment. 
I don't expect to stay however. I was told most likely that I'll be moved somewhere else next transfer. Hopefully back to stetson hills where I was. i know the area so I'll be pleading my case for that today with president lol.

Conference was this week. I got the chance to listen to all of them and today I'm beginning to re-listen to all of the talks starting withSaturday. I really enjoyed the talks where they told the members to stop complaining about the work of salvation. All to often as a missionary I feel at least that members can complain that we aren't doing enough when they have to be a huge part in the process as well. These days with all that is happening it is becoming more of the members duty to find friends, family, or strangers for us to teach. It all helps in the huge process and I'm glad that I heard that talk. Made me laugh lol

Approaching 13 months in 6 days. Seems like yesterday that I was at my year mark. But hey I'm excited. Now I can say I'm on a downhill slop. Its all been so amazing and since I see it going this fast I feel an urgency to get as much as I can done now with only 11 months left.

I've been reading a lot in the book of Mormon. This past week I finished Mosiah and got through the first 15 chapters of the book of Alma. Its interesting how the reign of judges did great things for the people. If only that kind of thing was implemented in our government today lol. Probably still wouldn't be perfect but the second coming is coming speedily sooo...

This week shall be amazing. I'm excited. I love the people. I love the area.

Peace and Love, Peace and Love

Elder James Harrison Nielsen

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