Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 50


So on Thursday of last week was my true real Year Mark in the Field. The 22nd of September was the day I entered the field. It was a day to remember for myself and about 19 others.
I was so excited because it gave me a chance to go finally rejuvinize my life spiritually with the most sacred and important place in the world. Now unless I get some recent converts to the temple the next time I'm going is when I go home. 

The temple is an amazing place. We go there to make and renew sacred covenants when we do. We also go to help others who need the help that cannot be done any other way. It was especially powerful when we got to take pictures on the grounds. I'll be attaching a few in a secondary email later on. 

Among other things I am also excited for general conference coming up this next Saturday and Sunday where all of the members will be gathered around a screen or in person to listen and hear the words of the lords anointed for two days. I know also that the general womans conference is coming up as well.

We got one of our investigators to a date which will be after conference on the 8th right before transfers.

With one year down another one is coming up to go and I must say I am excited for it and cannot wait to have it go!

I love you all and miss you. I hope you know that and I will be working extra hard this year for all of you...FOR HONOR! FOR THE PEOPLE! FOR FOOD!

Well maybe not food but you get the point lol.

Peace and Love Peace and Love 

Elder James Harrison Nielsen

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