Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 38

This week was full of some up and downs in terms of things. We got tons of more work done however which is the ultimate up! for us we got a new investigator on Sunday and he's pretty much golden. he is working at the air force base and his wife is in Cali and she became a member and he wants to follow her good example and be with her forever. Cute :D We also are gonna get to go to the TEMPLE!!!! aaaah! A investigator who got baptized is going to do baptisms for the dead at the temple and she invited US. So cool huh? Yay! I hope you all are good and this week I wanted to focus on something I've been reading. 

In the old testaments the children of Israel constantly disobey God and eventually beg Samuel the Prophet (not to be confused with Super Sam) to give them a king which became Saul. I think the point is we all sometimes can be quick to forget our God and go back to Natural man like things. For them it was whorish things and wore shipping idols. You gotta give them a slight break...they were in egypt for awhile and that's all they knew but things are getting pretty messed up. Constantly in Judges we see them committing sin and begging for god to save them when someone takes over...HOPEFULLY we can learn from them right? lol 

Hope you guys have a good week! I love and, miss you all

peace and love,

Elder Nielsen

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