Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 39

So we had to push an investigators date back so he could have some friends come. That's never a bad thing. In fact we want friends to come! Most of them are members but his brother who isn't a member will come and the brother also wants to get baptized too! that's so cool! I'm excited for it. We also had to switch out our car TWICE! once last week and once last Wed...sigh...the one we drive now is a Jeep compass...its like the 2nd best car in the mission so we thought it was a good idea! yay! 

I've been reading in the OT still and now I'm on the stories of David and Saul and Saul wanting to kill David for being a dude. Its cool to read up on all the history I only had bits and pieces of. I'm happier now to know how history works. lol

Love you all! this week we have lots of busy plans wish us luck!

Peace and love,

Elder Nielsen

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